Fan Encounters: Chris

I hung out at the red carpet last night at the Daytime Emmy Awards and later went in to see the show. It was fantastic! Genie looked amazing and was as nice as she could be! I got her and Tony Geary to autograph my "Luke and Laura lunchbox" and was able to get a great shot of Genie turning back for a pic on my cellphone.

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     These pics were taken about ten years ago and they still remain part of my favorite memories. Genie's husband,Jonathan was appearing in a play called, Every Good Boy Deserves Favor. In the play were other cast members of Star Trek,too.
     Taking a chance that Genie might be in attendance, I hauled myself down to the Fox Theatre and joined a few other fans at the side door. These fans,however, were there to see the Trek crew. I was banking on the hope that I would at least get a glimpse of my boyhood dream. And a glimpse I got and more!
     A long black limo pulled up to the curb. My heart raced. Out stepped Patrick Stewart,Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes and then...yes...Jonathan turned back to the limo,reached out and grasped a woman's hand,helping her out. It was her. At long last, Genie Francis was standing only a few feet away from me. She looked amazing! I had been a fan and an admirer of her work since I was twelve years old. And now I was about to meet her...quite possibly the most under-rated actress that television has ever known. While the other folks were crowding around the Star Trek cast members I asked Genie if she would mind posing for a picture and signing an autograph. She graciously agreed. I was so nervous,but I took the picture and then gave her an 8x10 to sign. And if that wasn't enough she also signed another autograph for me. As she was signing, Jonathan looked over and said,"Honey, is that THE Genie Francis Scrapbook?" "Yes it is," Genie said with a smile. You see, a long time ago my mom bought a scrapbook for me to put my GF clippings and photos in and I kept updating through the years. On the cover it read in large letters,The Genie Francis Scrapbook. I was little embarassed, but so glad that I brought it with me. Hopefully she didn't think it was too freaky. Anyway, I had finally met the one and only Genie Francis. She was nice,polite and beautiful - everything I had hoped she would be.

1. In my hand is The Genie Francis Scrapbook... with big white letters that Jonathan could easily read from a few feet away.
2. This one was taken by a girl that drove all way from Alabama just to see Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart. She was so nice to snap this while we were smiling for my camera. Yippee!!

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