A Laura Quiz
by Cathy

The answers are here.

1. Was Genie Francis the original Laura? If not, who was?

2. What was the name of Laura's biological father?

3. What was Lesley's relationship to the wife of Laura's biological father?

4. What two people were responsible for switching the infant Laura with another family's dead baby?

5. What were the names of Laura's first set of parents?

6. How did Lesley find out that she had a living twelve year old daughter?

7. How many step-fathers did Laura have? Which one didn't want her? Which one adopted her?

8. After her jealous husband paid someone to lie that Laura was not Lesley's child, how long did it take Lesley to find Laura again? Where did Lesley find her?

9. How many siblings does Laura have?

10. Laura's first serious romantic interest was using her for his own purposes. Who was this rotten guy? What happened to him?

Bonus questions: A. What female character brought her older brother to town to ensure that Laura got in enough trouble to be sent off to reform school?

B. Just one look was all it took. What ''mysterious'' evildoer fell like a ton of bricks the first time he saw the girl whose life he'd been helping to ruin? What other man also lost his heart after ''just one look?''